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DORKO x soosnora
Dorko & Soos Nora collaboration
Új Művészet /march
Artickle writing by Jutit Jankó
Forbes february

Nora Soos in a hungarisn Forbes Magzin!

New ALBUM OF Nora Soos album
The new album of Nora Soos is available now!
I would like to offer you my latest album under the care of Aura Publishing, 


which summarizes the painting works of the last few years. 


The 100-page publication is now available at:


 - Láng-Téka in the Bookstore / Budapest, 1137 Pozsonyi út 5 /. 


If you want a separate dedicated copy, enter the details needed for the dedication in the store 


and I will dedicate it to you. - Writers' Shop / Budapest, 1061, Andrássy út 45 /


 - online:
































































































































-Láng_Téka bookmart
































































































































- Írók Boltja
































































































































- online: